Very Beautiful and Cute Kids : Sanliurfa, Turkey

A nomadic child carries a lamb to grazing fields in the highlands.


Very Beautiful and Cute Kids : Turkey

Very Beautiful and Cute Kids : Turkey

Very Beautiful and Cute Kids : Siberia, Russia

A girl walks past a floral tribute to the victims of the Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping centre fire in the West Siberian city of Kemerovo.

Very Beautiful and Cute Kids : Butterflies

Butterflies are seen on the forehead of Freya Gordon, aged 10, during an event to launch the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London, Britain.

Syrian children return to their school

Syrian school children holding Turkish flags, are seen in their schools backyard al-Caviz village. Syrian children have returned to their classrooms after two years as they were not able to continue their education because of  war and displacement.




Chinese children enjoy a lesson while wearing virtual reality headsets

Primary school children enjoy a lesson while wearing virtual reality headsets inside a classroom in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture.

85 per cent of Syrian refugee children in host communities live in poverty

Syrian refugee families living in host communities in Jordan are increasingly struggling to meet their basic needs, including educating and protecting their children, UNICEF said today. 85 per cent of registered Syrian refugee children are living below the poverty line, according to UNICEF’s latest assessment. In addition, 94 per cent of Syrian children under 5 living in host communities are “multidimensionally poor”, meaning that they are deprived of a minimum of two out of the following five basic needs – education, health, water and sanitation, child protection and child safety.
“With the unparalleled massive scale of the Syria crisis and its prolonged nature, Jordan needs continued support in order to manage the impact of this crisis and meet the needs of vulnerable children” said Robert Jenkins, UNICEF Representative, Jordan. “Seven years into this crisis, we need to collectively continue to do all that we can to support vulnerable refugee children and their families that are struggling to meet their basic needs.”